The Perfect magical

Birthday Party!

Let Merlin the Magician be the hit of your Child’s Party! An amazing blend of Magic, Silliness & FUN that you, your child & their guests will never forget! Meet his side-kick Smog, a talking baby dragon! ...Don't worry, he hasn't learned to breath fire yet!

If you live anywhere in the Lower Mainland near Vancouver, BC, Canada - Merlin the Magician is the one wizard you want at your child’s Birthday Party!


With Merlin the Magician, every birthday party becomes a high-energy, magical adventure that will be remembered long after the party ends.

Some of Merlin's tricks include a hilarious routine featuring his "Peek-a-Boo Bunny", (not a real bunny,) which will have the kids screaming with delight as it disappears, & reappears in unexpected places! Then, watch in amazement as Merlin's favorite food, ketchup, seems to vanish into thin air, leaving the kids baffled & entertained. But that's not all!

Let's not forget his trusty sidekick, the wise-cracking dragon Smog, who adds an extra dose of humour to the show with spinning plates, egg bag antics, & balloon-blowing bits.

And finally, the bday child receives a wizard hat, a magic wand, & a personalized certificate, making them an official apprentice wizard.

Party packages

A Half-Hour Party Package for children ages 4 - 7 years featuring an interactive kid-friendly thirty minute comedy magic show starring Merlin & his dragon Smog.

The Birthday Child will receive his own wizard wand, Wizard Certificate, & Wizard’s Hat! Each of the Birthday Party guests will get a colouring sheet featuring Merlin & Smog!


A ONE-HOUR Party Package for children 4 - 7 years old featuring even more fun & laughter! Includes everything from the Round Table Package PLUS a balloon sword or animal of their choice!


This is a One Hour interactive magic workshop for children 8 - 10 years of age. Instead of a regular show, this is a demonstration of magic done with household items, a magic wizard wand, & some other magic props. Each guest will receive his own wand, Instructions for the tricks taught, & all of the props and supplies provided are theirs to keep. Limit 15 children including the birthday child


Merlin the Magician does shows other than birthday parties for much larger groups! These include large & small stage performances, Fundraisers, Festivals, Schools, Organized groups (cubs, scouts, etc.), Daycares, Senior Homes, Banquets & other special events - for all ages.

Merlin the Magician is a very good friend of Mr. & Mrs. Claus too! If your club or organization would like a visit from them at the annual Christmas Party, or maybe a special home visit before Christmas day, please contact Merlin for more information.


When you book Merlin the Magician for your party, not only will you get a great show by an award winning magician/wizard with many years experience, but will also provide you with these FOUR exclusive bonuses:


A PDF booklet that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about hosting the perfect children’s birthday party. Tips and tricks every party planner should know!


Professionally designed guest invitations, specially customized for your party! (customized PDF supplied to print out your invitations on your own computer printer).


A great way to keep track of who is coming to he party & who isn’t.

Printable WIZARD Themed Decorations

These magical. wizard-themed party decorations will make your food, party room and gift table look magical!


How many guests can you entertain?

For “The Round Table” package (half-hour show), &“The Excalibur” package (one hour show), as many guests as you like! For the “Wizard’s Workshop” package, there is a limit of 15 children (including the birthday child) due to tricks & supplies used. Remember, package prices are for in-home parties only.

What Magic Tricks do you do?

All of Merlin’s tricks are age appropriate, funny, & never offensive. Shows change content depending on audience age & reaction. One show may be completely different than another - even on the same day! Shows are designed to be interactive & will have the children laughing and screaming with delight. One thing I forgot to mention - the Birthday Child will be made the star of the show! Please take lots of photos! You may also video portions of the show, ....but please - not the entire thing.

Do you do outdoor parties?

If you have no other choice….. a hesitant “yes”. I encourage the party Mom & Dad to have the show indoors rather than out. Here on the Lower Mainland it is very hard to predict the weather & rain, hot sun, or wind can disrupt the perfect party by knocking over props, blinding sunlight, or a torrential downpour. There may also be unplanned noise distractions from that neighbour who can’t wait to mow his lawn, loud music, or barking dogs. Bugs - mosquitos, bees, wasps, ants & other creepy crawlies. Better to have it indoors in a completely controlled environment! Merlin’s show is self contained & very space conscious - a living room, recreation room, or even an unfinished basement is perfect!

When should I book Merlin?

he earlier the better! To ensure that you get your desired time & day, I would suggest contacting Merlin at least 2 to 3 months in advance. Merlin and Smog do get very busy and the longer you delay the less chance you will have of being able to book the Wizard for your child’s special day.

Does Merlin do out of town parties or events?

Yes! There will however be other expenses involved (travel etc.). Call (236) 994-0797 for a quote!

Do you require a Deposit?

Yes. This is Merlin’s only job & a sudden cancellation means that the time slot originally booked remains open & unbooked. To lock in your date and time, Merlin does require a $100 non-refundable deposit. He can process your Visa or MasterCard over the phone or in person. The balance is due the day of the show via credit card or cash. Price includes G.S.T. & you will receive an official receipt - hard copy or email.

MORE QUESTIONS? To make an enquiry to answer any other questions you may have, please email Merlin at: [email protected] or Phone: (604) 239-4539

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